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"Purvi Doshi" - the label brings to you ecologically sustainable clothing and fashion. We closely collaborate with artisans and craftsmen and women, helping them create better livelihoods, thereby better sustenance of their arts.

The label was born out of the urge to give back to the earth. Purvi Doshi believes that we are using the planet, consuming its resources, while hurting the future of our people and our planet, and this is simply unsustainable and cruel. We should know better as a species.

We KNOW fashion and the earth can work together, in a beautiful coexistence. Our motto is "Looking fabulous should feel great!" By supporting the Purvi Doshi label, you are supporting clean air, clean water, sustainability, ecological balance, and humanity. Our line uses only natural fabrics and colors and every single piece is hand made and hand crafted. The label works with delightful imperfections of the handwoven fabric, the beauty of natural colors with subtle flaws and the warmth of the human hands.

At Purvi Doshi, we believe that sustainability is not just a word, it’s how we design, define, create and live. We believe in creating beautiful todays for our traditions, the planet and the future.


Purvi Doshi, an international designer, started her line back in 1992 with a passion for fashion.

Her ideals stemmed from a life and culture that believes in Ahimsa (non-violence) and compassion for all beings. Purvi believes in hand crafted, responsible and cruelty free fashion. She believes that anything that is cruel cannot be sustainable fashion. This has led her to creating a complete sustainable brand by using only handwoven textiles, natural and organic color, while not using animal textiles or even ones produced by harming animals or nature.

Purvi's philosophy is rightly captured in her motto “Looking fabulous should feel great!” Each of her designs incorporate this theory, and are witnessed in every detail.


The philosophy is that there is art in every cut, with a clear conscience. At Purvi Doshi, it has been our constant endeavor to bring the wonderful artistic creations that stem from time immemorial.

Each and every garment is designed at our studio bears the footprint of our vision and the intricate skill and dedication of our artisans and crafts people. Sustainability, many a times is merely a word, but we live it through our choice of fabric, natural colors, and care for the animals and people. We use Khadi as our primary fabric along with Ahimsa silk and other organic fabrics.

Contemporary yet classy and artful, our collections are designed for the young at heart, fashion forward, modern women of today.

We make each and every piece with pride and dedication. “Looking fabulous should feel great!"


India is a country with traditional arts and crafts, many of which are either minimal or on the verge of extinction due to the lack of opportunities for its artisans and craftspeople.

We at Purvi Doshi, have been conscious of these arts and the need for their revival and growth. The art of embroidery that has been a great tradition, stems back to royalty centuries ago. The kings and queens were once the only people who could don this beautiful art form. Now we are reviving it to its rightful place of pride in high fashion. These are not mass production pieces, these designs are art in and of themselves.

Age old methods of the art like “Aari” and “Khaat” hand embroideries along with hand crafted mirror work have been our focus that embellish our urban designs and silhouettes. Traditional and classic, our timeless designs portray a sense of royalty today. “Looking fabulous should feel great!”


Behind every art there are skilled artisans, craftswomen and craftsmen. Their needles are like wands that wield magic on the fabric they touch with care and purity. The skill of the human hand showcases the beauty of their crafts with delightful results.

At Purvi Doshi, it is vitally important that the hands that produce our designs are able to support themselves and their families. It has been our constant endeavor to keep the livelihood of these magic makers in perspective. Not only do we want to make ecologically sustainable clothing, we want to empower people to give them a livelihood and allow them to live their best life.

Our creations are an innate tribute to these arts and the artisans whose unmatched dedication gives meaning to it. "Looking fabulous should feel great!"

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