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Unlike the other silkworms that slept upside down, there was one that always slept facing the ceiling. Naturally, this little worm could see the sky and many other things that the others couldn't. It always dreamed of wondrous things like flying.

Vego: Ohh wow, Such a beautiful butterfly! I wish I could fly like them sometimes.

One day, the silkworm noticed that all the others had woven cocoons around themselves. He thought for some time. But to think one needs privacy. So finally it decided that it should also have a cocoon.

Vego: Yay, now I know how I can become a beautiful butterfly like these.

While inside it again dreamed of the sky and making new friends and fly with them.

Vego: Such a wonderful life, exactly what I dreamt like

Next day morning, when the silkworm woke up it realised that it was just a dream. He kept on waiting for the right time to come out of the cocoon so that he could fly.

Vego: Ohh, it was a beautiful dream last night. I just hope that it happens soon.

A few days later a woman came and picked up all the silkworms and kept them in a tray. A heap of cocoons are kept in a tray in a room and there is water boiling in front of them.

Vego: What is happening? There is some movement? Is the time nearing when I will fly up in the sky?

The woman dropped the entire heap of cocoons in the boiling water and the silkworm could not see or understand what is happening around it. It was hopeful whatever it was, it would be a part of becoming a butterfly.

Vego: I don’t understand what is happening, why is it so hot around? Something is definitely wrong.

Woman started unveiling the silk thread from the cocoon. And the silkworm suddenly started feeling the pain. It jumped and screamed and cried out of pain for help. But there was no one to hear him.

Vego: Help! Please help! Why are you doing this to me? Can’t you hear my cries and pain? Stop, please.
After its death, the silkworm wrote a letter to the wearer of Silk,

Dear Wearer of silk,

I hope you enjoyed wearing the beautiful, smooth silk that I made. Just to let you know, I made the silk thread for my peace and to fulfil my dreams of becoming a beautiful and elegant butterfly and fly into the sky with freedom. But I guess it does not matter to you, you only crave for my remains. You only care about looking beautiful in the name of fashion and for that, you can go to any extent. But while you externally look good, do you feel good? Have you ever thought that for making you look beautiful you kill how many of us? When you wear silk, can’t you hear our cries and pain? When bigger animals are killed, so many voices stand up against it. I wish that some voices stand up against the cruelty that we are facing. My last wish is that humans learn to co-exist.

Yours lovingly,
The maker of the silk

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