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Indian wedding sarees- beauty draped around body

Weddings in India include a lot of rituals and celebrations which   continues for a couple of days. These couple of days consist of many ceremonies in which people tend to wear clothes according to different rituals performed during the weddings. Among all the wedding dresses the bridal lehengas are specially chosen because brides on that day intend to look more beautiful for the most important occasion of her life .So a lot of expenditure is done during the wedding to get a perfect Indian wedding sarees for the bride.

Indian wedding sarees are the first choice of every bride for their wedding dress because a wedding saree  is a kind of outfit which worn by any girl will make her look beautiful and glamorous at the wedding without making any extra efforts.. The factors which make Indian wedding sarees a special outfit are the material used to make it, its spectacular design and its amazing colour and texture.

On Indian wedding clothes and especially on the clothes of an Indian bride a lot of efforts and expenditure is done to choose the best of the outfits for the occasion. But after being regularly worn Indian sarees tend to loose their colour and texture which makes them less pretty and gorgeous. So it requires special care and methods to keep your sarees beautiful and pretty for many years.

Here are 7 useful tips for Indian Brides to take care of their Expensive Wedding Sarees:-

1. Routine re-folding of Zari:

Zari work on the sarees is one of the factors which give the wedding sarees the beauty and the iconic look for which it is known. But with time zari breaks down by folding or hanging it in the closet. To prevent it the sarees should be kept under mild sun at every six months then store them back which will help to maintain its colour and glow. People should also make sure that when they keep back the sarees they should keep in mind that they fold the sarees in such a way that the zari does not break and bring crease to the fabric.

2. Storing Silk:

In the case of storing of silk sarees when they are folded or hung in the closet it’s always a risk to create sharp creases on the sarees. So to avoid this store the sarees in a cold pace and covered in a cotton cloth and to avoid humidity and fungal growth silica gel can be used.

3. Retaining Shine:

Now shine of sarees has been mainly important to make it catchy and pretty to look, but with time and use shine of the sarees start to loose their brightness. So in order to regain the shines of the sarees one should wash it with one forth cup of distilled white vinegar mixed with one gallon of water and after that rinse off the vinegar pretty well or else it can damage the sarees.

4. Taking Precautions for Heavy Embroidery Or Embellishments:

Heavy embroidery and embellishments have been an iconic part of every sarees but it’s never a guarantee that they will retain it like that for many years. So to prevent the sarees from snagging and tearing off one should fold them making sure that it’s folded with the working side and not hang on the hangers.

5. Removing Stains:

Stains are the things which you can get definitely from any where on your sarees. So in that case wash it under cold water and use mild body soap and if the stain is oily then use glycerine or talcum powder so that the stain dries up which makes it easy to wash.

6. Ironing your sarees:

Ironing is the process where mostly sarees get damaged if the proper process is not being followed, with that it, means that for different types of fabric there is different process and different operation mode in the iron. So a special care should be taken while ironing the sarees and specifically with the silk and embroidered sarees for them it is advisable to iron them by keeping a soft cotton cloth on the sarees.

7. Washing the sarees at home:

It’s highly recommended that ones should wash their expensive sarees at home but in case if you wash them then you should firstly wash it in salt water because it will help to retain its colours. One should use soap for the later washes and not squeeze the fabric or wash the sarees together. Its better that silk and zari sarees better if they are dry cleaned.

Its rather more important that we personally take care of the sarees in a perfect way so that it can stay alive as long as possible and we can get the best results out of it.

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