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A Sitch In Time Saves Nine

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Myth has it that cats have nine lives. Politicians in power seem to subscribe to myth and folklore for world leaders, and industrial practitioners are treating the world as though it had nine lives, but we know that it doesn't. We know that the planet is finite and that if we exploit our natural systems, pushing over-use and extraction too far, our eco-systems will collapse.

The key word here is "ecosystem," and at Purvi Doshi, we've always been all too aware that we need to participate in systems thinking. Thinking from a systems approach would mean thinking of others and not just ourselves which means that every action we perform weaves itself around the idea of "us" and not "me." When we work with artisans we think of how our relationship with them is important to them and not just us. When we work with fabrics, we ask what impact this fabric has on the planet and human bodies. When we create templates and mood boards, we ask what stories we are telling and whether these stories speak for others or ourselves. To this end, we launched a collection titled "Co-existence" at the New York Fashion Week, 2017 that paid homage to a diversity of animals through hand-embroidered representations. In this way, we want for our work to serve as a platform where diverse beings can find a voice.

Recognizing a sustainable and ethical future is to become conscious that this planet is made up of an intricate web of beings living together. Our brand strives every day to remind ourselves of the beauty of co-existence and what it means. As mentioned, one way we do this is by handweaving and hand-embroidering stories of diversity because the sooner we develop the right relationships with the planet, the less likely we will be left wishing for nine lives.

A stitch in time saves nine.

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