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A Definitive Guide on Wearing Elegant Indian Clothes!

India is a cultural country that holds great traditional values in terms of living, clothing and many other aspects. As a result, the clothing in India varies according to its geography, ethnicity, climate as well as cultural traditions of the people living in those regions. So, the Indian clothing has been considered as a prominent factor to distinguish diverse Indian cultures of the country.

In order to represent one’s cultural connection with their regions, it is important to know the importance of the cultural heritage of that region that contributes greatly with the traditional Indian clothing. As it rightly said that “An outfit can make or break your personality”, so it becomes important to wear the most appropriate attire that could reflect one’s taste while enhancing their personality. Nowadays, with the increasing boom in the latest fashionable trends of the different kinds of outfits, the Indian clothing trends are also justifying their presence in the global fashion world.

There are some of the factors like the richness of fabric and design of the cloth that determines the occasion in which the dress must be worn. The types of clothes that usually carry heavy embroidered work are being reserved for special occasions like the weddings or any family events. These types of outfits may have designer works of beads, mirrors, sequins and other elements which may come with the outfits like Lehengas, Ghaghra Cholis, Shararas, heavy Salwar Kamees, Sarees and other such type of outfits. These types of special outfits come in silk or any other expensive fabrics that are further richly decorated.

The same goes with the male outfits like Sherwanis and Kurtas that are worn during special events. On the other side, the materials that are used for making regular dresses vary greatly as compared to the traditional outfits. The regular outfits for everyday use are usually made from the comfortable materials, mostly cotton without featuring any kind of heavy work.

The above factors were the general things that one could come across while choosing the Indian clothes. Other than the above-stated factors, there are few things that may help you out the best way in choosing the favourable Indian clothing options. Let us have a quick look over those factors:


Before choosing any of the dress, first look that it is having a perfect fit. Usually, the Indian attires flatters the person’s figure till greater extent as compared to the western wear and so it becomes important to check if the outfit is not too loose or too tight to your physique.

It’s obvious that you will choose to buy a cloth that seems to be most stylish to you, but at the same time look if the clothes are comfortable to you or not. Along with complementing your figure, the attire that you select must be comfortable for you to wear. Try out the clothes, especially the traditional ones before making a final deal.

Another important factor to consider is the colour combination of the attire. Those who are short-height can go with the longer tunic to make you look taller. The dark coloured upper top with light coloured lowers is appropriate for the top-heavy people. Other than that, if you are plus-size, you can opt to go with only one colour from head to toe for getting a slimmer appearance.

Thus, these were some of the factors that one should keep in mind before choosing Indian ethnic as well as traditional wears. Also, you can be assured that by going through a wide range of options you will able to find the clothes matching your personality while giving you a perfect look.

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