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About Us

From being awarded the Emerging Designer by Grazia  magazine for reinventing old crafts in a contemporary style, Purvi Doshi has transformed into a regular feature at many editions of Lakme Fashion Week’s and popular exhibitions in India and abroad.


Her design inspiration is drawn from her Indian and Gujarati heritage in particular, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design while encouraging the dying arts of India. 

Purvi has been contributing to the revival of the traditional arts and crafts of India, some of which are only captive with a handful of people in the remote villages of India.


Her passion for fashion is boundless as she indulges time and again into hitherto unexplored domains, bringing out exquisite motifs and patterns inspired straight from the folk arts of the country in general and of the Gujarat region she belongs to, in particular.


Purvi is not shy to innovate and experiment with her designs and has created collections with enchanting blend of Indian with western. Her garments are not only aesthetically brilliant but also captivating to all age groups.


Purvi Doshi is among the few people who has made Gujrat proud as declared by the BTW magazine.

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